Upcoming shows

Please contact our office at 952-932-7148 for upcoming show specials or to set up an appointment in our showroom


January 18-22 (Friday-Tuesday)

March 8-12 (Friday-Tuesday)

April 28-30 (Sunday-Tuesday)

June 23-25 (Sunday-Tuesday)

August 2-6 (Friday-Tuesday)

October 6-8 (Sunday-Tuesday)

Showrooms open: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM all showdates

Shows are at our permanent showroom at the Minneapolis Mart

Minneapolis Mart
10301 Bren Rd West - Blue 122 & 125
Minnetonka, MN  55343


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The Toy Network is the nation’s leading designer, importer, and wholesale distributor of educational toys, giftware, creative novelties and independent and visual learning merchandise. We strive to create and promote healthy, positive play for kids of all ages. Our innovative designs and high quality products provide you with unique, specialty toys at the best price.








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  Plus-Plus - the construction toy with One Shape and Endless Possibility! Build flat or in 3D. Fun for kids from age 1 to 101.  












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Monkey Mix Up:  To Solve the Puzzle: Mix up the twenty, two-sided puzzle pieces being sure to flip over at least half of them in the process.

Monkey Mixup

Then place any "ground piece" (the only pieces that have flowers) on the bottom row of the base and start matching up the puzzle pieces edge to edge. Remember to look at both sides of each puzzle piece to find the one you are looking for.